About Me

Hi! I’m Rebecca. I’ve been designing websites for 3 years!

I can bring 
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Hi, I’m Rebecca! I hold an Master of Science Degree in User Experience Design from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology. I am a User Experience Designer and Researcher building on a background in healthcare. I am a registered childrens and general nurse! I currently work as a User Experience Researcher at Vhi Healthcare.

”I changed careers to pursue my love and passion for design combined with my love of helping others”

My Story

I decided to change careers in 2020. I am a registered nurse and worked as a childrens nurse in Australia and Ireland for 3 years prior to this.

I received a First Class Honours in my Master of Science Degree in User Experience Design from IADT in 2023. I previously completed a one year Level 7 Certificate in User Experience Design at DKIT.

Get To Know Me


I love to travel


I love animals


I like trying new foods


I like to paint and draw


I love music & audio books


I like to be fit and active

Related Experience

As a former nurse, I hold a lot of relevant transferrable skills which make me a great UX designer.

You might wonder how UX design and nursing are related – but the skills required to be competent in UX are very similar to those required in nursing!

Transferrable Skills


I’m able to think on my feet


I’m good in a crisis


I am adaptable to different environments


I’m great with people


I’m organised

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Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or questions!